All it takes.

A death,some tearful days, then dispersion.
All it takes is to leave one’s comfortable nest.
You learn how to spread your wings and fly.

A family member leaves home in pursuit of his goals.
All it takes is his continual absence in my life,to make me realise what my family means to me.
A little distance may not be such a bad thing,it can get people close.

Nepal,understanding the idea of win some lose some.
All it takes is a life changing experience to realise what my identity means to me.
My name,my passport,my principles.Stamped and endorsed.

UK, professional and personal development continues.
All it takes is some professional/personal disapppointments,occupational hazzards and a strong support system from least expected corners to realise that religious and national boundaries are just ugly inflicted lines.
Love scarce,survival tough,life unpredictable and yet we don’t appreciate what we have.

Realisations,changing beliefs, convictions,strentgh,determination,broken boundaries.
All it takes is a Hindi movie in a London cinema hall, to realise who am I kidding.
I miss my nest and I want to go home.



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31 responses to “All it takes.

  1. pata nahi kya bolu… nothing I say can make u not miss home.


  2. hey…is everything alrite with u ?

    Cheer Up !! 🙂


  3. S-E-J:

    Ah well…

    Ashish Pokhrana:
    Thanks for asking.


  4. eu :

    that was something close to my heart.

    I miss my country and my family, a lot.

    I love sipping tea at the corner chai stall , rather than standing in the queue of starbucks cafe playing
    song of the latest new singer in town or supporting the charity program for some lunatic adults in the
    state of timbaktu. I mean I just want to have a simple cup of tea without any frills or “hype” of it.

    Anyways the above statement may not be completely true always, but I just simply love my country and
    can come up with any such logics to prove my point( Love is not logical, is it ??)



  5. aww…come on – all that bad? yup we miss things at home – but wont you put some value on the small pleasures, like hearing someone speak your language in Quality Food Store? Cheer up! It will pass!


  6. tuffy…
    but then whu isnt..:-)


  7. As long as you still think and dream Hindi, you’re fine. Hold on. 🙂


  8. Whoa! So freakin’ true.

    You did a good job summarizing all the ideas. I don’t think I could have pulled this off. 🙂

    I miss my home too.


  9. What is this? I’m sure i’d typed out a comment some half an hour ago, but it seems to have disappeared. So, i’ll have to write again…

    Beautifully put, as ever 🙂 Just reading your post got me homesick, though I’m in my home-country at least, so I can imagine what you must be feeling!
    In my original comment, I’d asked which movie had resulted in this profound impact on you, while somewhere knowing the answer. The answer has now been confirmed of course 🙂
    Chin up ma’am, we all go through these bouts, i’m sure you’ll conquer this pretty soon!
    May the Force be with you!


  10. Im moving down to Manschester…hopefully in a months time 😀

    I miss my nest and I want to go home.
    So think my posts will also be somewhat like this only 😦

    Take care Lady!!


  11. all in good time. Its better to feel homesick, as opposed to the absence of a sense of belonging somewhere.


  12. Come on!! Naah.. this is not what EU wants to think about.. Jeezzz I dont believe this! Chill out woman.. Agreed you miss your home, but thats about it.. It will pass.. just don’t let it grow..! Keep Smiling!



  13. ATG:
    We all do.At some level.But we moved out to serve a purpose to attain some goals to fulfil our ambitions.So while you find logical sense to your feelings,I say keep the battle going.

    Atul Sabnis:
    Totally,Ill agree being in London keeps me quite at home.No, not at all bad..:)
    It was just a momentary gush of emotions.I just thought I was over with feeling homesick and I have moved on.But may be one never does.

    True that..:)


  14. Abaniko:
    Phew knowing that is a relief.Trust me I have held on, for too long now.

    I am so sorry.I didn’t mean to make you miss home too.

    Obi wan:
    Thanks.I knew what kind of questions this post would invoke from you,if at all.I am quite impressed how you pick up the little cues.
    Why do I get the feeling you are passing the buck of generating this feeling to me when its all your fault…:P


  15. Rohit:
    LOL,what did you think I was doing?Bawling my eyes out crying out loud for my mommy.It was just a feeling.Thanks for spreading the smile around.

    Moving down,How much further up do you stay?
    Hmm,..we will see what your posts churn out in months to come.

    I totally second that.:)


  16. Never miss anything !

    (this is the only thing I can say)


  17. Green:
    :), doesn’t work.Have tried.


  18. Arre thanks kya re.. Just keep smiling like a good girl!


  19. I remember when I was homesick in my first week at college, on of my seniors decided to cheer me up instead of rag me and asked me when do I feel seasick and i said when I’m at sea. And then when do you feel carsick? And I said when I’m in a car. And then when so you feel homesick? And I was so zonked that I actually said when I’m at home! LOL! Yeah that did cheer me up! Don’t ask me why though! When I read this post, that one incident from eight years ago suddenly popped up in my head! I suggest you prescribe yourself one, or several bottls of red wine. But pliss not to be doing that if you’re a melancholy drunk. I thankfully is not. I is a mad, jolly and very happy drunk. Why is it that I seem to bring up alcohol everywhere I go? I is not knowing…I is to be going now…smile! 😀


  20. Rohit:
    I am a very very good girl…:D

    Awwe, see thats what I thought.I was done with feeling homesick.8 years should be long enough.But I guess I was wrong.
    Nah I am not the melancholy drunk types.Thankfully.I might just about take your advice.Cheers


  21. A lot up up and uppper than you could eva imagine 🙂


  22. it’s only when family’s not around that we miss the feeling of belonging……ease up n smile, i’m back!!!





  24. hey dear…
    Come to India…

    Dun be so down n low

    Home is where heart is :-))


  25. Arz00n:
    Hmm, looks like I need to catch up on your blog big time.Will do so after exams.Till then I am thinking North pole…:p

    Yeays!Nice to see you back girl.

    Thanks, 🙂

    That’s called a momentary loss of reason.And one can’t keep running back to comfort.Have to put up a fight don’t you think.



  26. Was it Rang de Basanti??
    EVERYONE is talking about it, and I am not able to watch it. Unfair. VERY unfair 😦


  27. Casablanca:
    Yes..and very very unfair..:(


  28. Hang in there Girl…. it’s a temporary (hopefully) feeling. and it’s very okay to miss home.


  29. Wbix:
    Oh yeah, it is a temporary lapse of reason.All good now and rocking.Thanks.–>


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