Logic says..

When you add a person to your chatting screen..
Logic says:That is all they are.Your chat buddies.
I had added another friend to my life.

You have known some one since school.
Logic says:Revelling in that sense of security is a dangerous path to tread on.
I felt very very secure.

You haven’t lived in the same city,hell same continent for the last 10 years.
Logic says:The chances that you will in the future are very slim.
I hope that some day we will.

If things are too good to be true.
Logic says:They probably are, and may not last.
I believed it was all true and it was all good.

Things are flowing smoothly between the 2 of you.
Logic says:Don’t try to change the flow.
I try anyway.

Some not-so-nice conversations, and then no conversations later.
Logic says:Let go,move on.
I can’t, I don’t.

I continue to visit his blog.
Logic says:Don’t.Respect his wishes.
Ha, and I have thrown my 2 cents all over his page.

To this..
Logic says:Atleast remain detached will ya.He pretends you don’t exist.
But some thing about last night’s post…

I couldn’t pretend to be detached.I was already crying.Why was life being unfair in that part of the world.
Logic says:Don’t get impulsive.Don’t let emotions take you over.
He can take care of himself.He needs a friend alright, but that friend isn’t you.
And you don’t want to cause him more grief than he is already dealing with.

To hell with logic I say.
I call.We talk.He sounds happy to hear from me. Subdued voice,but composed.A pillar of strength that boy.A pillar even I have leaned on more than one occasion. And I am still breathing.He didn’t kill me after all.
Logic says:I should be happy now .
I cry even more later.This time uncontrollably.I have missed my friend I realise.Is life upto its tricks again?Bring it on,I say.

Heard his voice after so long.
Ha,logic goes for a toss.His voice can have that effect on you.
Whatever made me think he was alone when he will always find a friend in me.

I am glad I dialled his number.I hope he was too.
Logic says:

Ahoy! Ms Logic,why do you keep coming back to say some thing.Can’t you see,I am not listening to you, and you don’t make sense to me.



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31 responses to “Logic says..

  1. Great post… very well written..

    //If things are too good to be true.
    Logic says:They probably are, and may not last.

    So true…


  2. Very beautiful and very true. The day I start listening to logic instead of my heart, I’ll accept that I am no longer human! It is always better to let the Force guide your actions.


  3. this shall simply be a smile…one that indicates nothing…and yet a lot..one that wants to say that i wish i had something to say…but i am better off with just this..



    PS: i guess i know how it feels…!


  4. am glad i found your blog 🙂


  5. Thanu:
    Thanks..I agree too.I am quite wary of the too good to be true phenonmenons generally,but some times you know..

    I am with you on this one.I have done many impulsive things.None that I regret.Some how when feelings guide your way..the destination is generally the right one.

    Sacchi.Exam was yesterday.When I got back I posted it.Promise.I did have an exam…:)..
    Logic ….well if logic would have guided me then i guess i wouldn’t be the me me …..now …i would have been a stranger within myself
    True..thats exactly what I felt.I was like to hell with whats the right thing to do.I will do..the only thing to do.


  6. Ankur:
    You don’t have to say anything.I know exactly what you mean.

    Nooooooooooo, what did I do wrong?I have only just begun and you are going to kill me already????..:P


  7. You write so well!!
    I have had so many bad days…..i still do. So if things are low here a *hug* from a fellow blogger 🙂


  8. I meant heres a *hug*
    shit these typos 🙂


  9. all of this went logically under my chin…girl…i am from the supper table at ginkgo’s table…i thot i shud introduce myself properly rather than be awkward strangers at the table…avoiding the meaningless banter that i am sure would ensue…man i am taking that invite so logically ..


  10. Revelling in that sense of security is a dangerous path to tread on.
    I felt very very secure.

    Me too. big time. i still think there aren’t people like those from school. They just tag along in whatever I do..and I do the same.. It’s still a good feeling, and I feel more secure. The trust is around!

    Logic.. Ha! only if i paid attention to it, ever..

    I love the way you wrote it. You’re awesome!


  11. I think ill blogroll ya on the strength of this one post itself 😀

    simply wonderful. I think everyone can relate to this.


  12. Logic can tell you a lot of things. Sometimes, you should allow instinct to kick in to prove logic wrong. Maybe I just rewrote your post. hehehe..

    Good one re…:)


  13. Logic always defies:( Nice one! many a times logic determines rules and we as travellers are tempted to not logic rule us!


  14. Ashley:
    And I get my first of hopefully many virtual hugs..:)
    Don’t worry about the typos.The message has come through.

    Hiya,nice to meet you too.I don’t know about logically,but you are definitely taking it seriously…:p

    Agreed school friends are some of the best friends I’ve ever made,But just because some one was from your school,one cannot take it for granted that they will be your best friends ever.I don’t know if that makes sense.
    Thank you,*giggles*Thank you again.


  15. Archster:
    *Taking a Bow*


    Rays of Sun:
    Thanks.Nice to see you here.


  16. I think I abandoned most logic when I became a theologian.


  17. logic is like that ‘old’ woman that u described:-)

    But then ppl get attracted’ to that too…dont they…:P


  18. i’m sad after reading this post. while reading the 1st part i thought it’s about me. but then i realized it’s bout someone else!!!!


  19. Sometime Saintly Nick:
    If you are happy you did,I’d say well done.




  20. edu….beautiful post. Did you write it as it came out or did you plan it out? I think it’s the former.
    Good luck with ‘that’ kid.


  21. Makes sense? Totally. Yes, we can’t take it for granted.
    But I think, being humans, we tend to do that.. isn’t it?


  22. They say, the heart has a mind of its own.

    Atleast mine sure does 🙂


  23. The post was totally over my head.It made a swooshing noise as I read it.What shud I write?…U write well, we all know and u have had u r share of praises, so I just leave it at this..bye.


  24. Vishwa:

    You bet we do.


    I thought comments were about writing what one felt after reading the post and not to shower praises alone.


  25. hey dear…
    this is a fantastic post…

    Luvd the way u have distinguished betwn the Logic n voice of ur heart…

    most of the times things that makes us happy or makes us cry have more to do wth heart n less to do with mind…

    so lesser the logic v apply the happier vr…

    hope is wat heart see…
    n history is wat mind :-))

    Take care


  26. Yeah, fuck logic. Excuse the language, but i don’t know how to say it any other way.


  27. Puneet:
    I agree with Obi Wan on this..the day I stop listening to my heart I know a part of me is dead.I don’t mind the tears.It makes us stronger.

    You are back You are back!!!!!
    Totally excused…:D


  28. Sorry for the delayed response! But you did a completely great job here! I wonder why do you compare yourself with the other people. I think it’s best not to. Though I know it’s tough to avoid it! 🙂

    Keeping going like this and expect to be tagged many more times!


  29. Accidental Fame Junkie:
    My intention wasn’t comparison.But I can see that it must have come across that way.True.Its best not to.I will be more concious of it.
    Oh I totally enjoyed the tag you sent my way.It was fun and challenging.


  30. Ash

    Logic ….well if logic would have guided me then i guess i wouldn’t be the me me …..now …i would have been a stranger within myself ,…
    oops!!!! sounds scary …

    hey i liked the form u chose to write it and it just fits it so wonderfully well ….

    write on ….
    i thought u had exams ….all the best…can’t resist blogging is it ..i know the feeling ..




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