This was a tough one!

I came across Accidental Fame Junkie from Rohit’s Blog.He does have a long list and some awesome bloggers on it.

After several fantastic posts and a few comments later.I decided to blog roll AFJ.I don’t know the laws of the blogosphere yet.But I think its nice to tell people that they are going to be a permanent feature on my blog because I like what they write.

So I go back to AFJ’s blog only to find there is another tag doing the rounds and that I have been tagged.I did get very excited.I will lay down the rules in a bit and oh, watch out people because this time I get to tag 9 people..which I will do gladly.

But I do want to vent out why it took me so long to come up with what I did eventually.
I was blog hopping to see what other’s had come up with.Abaniko touched upon what was my first thought process.And he has done an awesome job of it.Atul Sabnis, well my creativity needs to go leaps and bounds and pole vaulting to match his, or even Afj’s for that matter.I did think of a very dramatic plot.But it got too dramatic for my own comfort and Twilight Fairy has covered it too.But what really freaked me out was Obi wan’s post on it. It is almost a mirror image of what I finally had in my mind.

So I was left with no option but to talk shop.Wont write any disclaimers here.It isn’t my fault that all my creative ideas aren’t original anymore.

Now for the actual tag: Rules from AfJ’s post.

The rules:
(1) write a 100-to-200-word entry using the following words: I, me, blow job, grapes, random, power, loneliness, water, robot and blue;
(2) use these words once and only once; and of course
(3) the entry should make sense.

So here I go:

It didn’t have to turn out this way.The therapy had kicked in.Hope was building up slowly.We were getting there.We were almost at the hilt.Then some thing went wrong.Horribly wrong.Just at the last miunte.Almost like a promising blowjob left unfinished.

There is nothing but pain in her eyes.She just smiles on being offered grapes and water.Her smile defying the loneliness that she feels within.

Why does helplessness hurt so much?Can one not get away from feeling this pain?Be a robot of sorts.Do the job.No unanswered questions.No feelings.

Now wasn’t the time for random thoughts.Now was the time to focus.Time to face reality.Time to face her.

Gathering all the strentgh and power from within,I look into those misty blue eyes .Just then she asks, “Why me?”

140 words….Let me know if it makes any sense..

Even if it does not….I am going to tag you..Do try it guys.It was challenging but fun.

Mirch Masala

Enjoy !!



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32 responses to “This was a tough one!

  1. R there n e prizes for commenting first? And a bumper prize for having done so twice on a row??


  2. good good!!!!i’ll try it soon


  3. good one… 🙂

    pretty creative.

    i don’t know if i can come up with anything even remotely innovative. 😦

    and yeah… one more 😦 for tagging me…


  4. I fiddled with my blog settings yesterday, so was unaware that my blog got busted out from the scene.

    But that *bleep* stuff was scary to say the least !!!


  5. S-E-J:
    Sorry didn’t mean to scare ya.There was this impulsive correlation to the name of your post and the fact that I couldn’t find your cricket blog.Prizes well when you take up this tag.

    Hey thats a sport.Thanks for taking it up.Will come around and check it out soon.

    I thought the same.But put on your thinking cap.I am sure you will come up with some interesting idea.And creative???That whole post on women was pretty creative I say..


  6. absolutely brilliant!
    Hmm….dunno if i can match that…but will try my hand at it


  7. done my homework, ma’am…..awaiting your opinion…


  8. Lazy-Leo:
    I know you can surpass, and you have.I think its awesome.

    Thanks.I know other wise but I will accept…:D
    And my name has only a single ‘l’.


  9. This week Living In Poetry is having a tribute for .:A:. (English-August Blogspot) please visit the blog down below to tell us your thoughts on his writing and poetry

    L I P

    spread the word


  10. Rohit:
    Arre what sorry phorry..


  11. read through the list of your favourite books…are u a doctor?


  12. Yes she is a doc, and a wine serving and a *bleep* scarring one


  13. Divya:
    Yes I am a doctor…
    And don’t listen to S-E-J.



  14. hey! that was really neat. It started off really funny

    and it made sense 🙂


  15. Another one??
    Ok ok… will try.

    Good work by you!


  16. Casablanca:
    No No same one I mentioned..:p
    Waiting to read yours..


  17. Howz it possible that u r not seeing my blog?

    I hope u r using the right link its:


  18. Was wondering after going through the article how this was ‘talking shop’, till I arrived at the conclusion (and it got confirmed through the previous comments) that you must be a doc!

    Great work. I hope you also write what you were going to write originally, even if it is not as a part of the tag! Just because I wrote something similar doesn’t mean you should let go of a good story 🙂


  19. Wow! Great! What we lit people would call the stream of consiousness technique. The fun of tagging is to see the different ways in which this meme was done. I totally love the variety around!


  20. aSh

    okai good girl u managed ……

    morning girl
    take care


  21. S-E-J:
    Yeays..yes its back.Its back.Trust me will ya when I tell you I couldn’t get to it until some time ago.And I did have the right link.

    Obi wan:
    Now to think of it.I could have done away with saying that I am talking shop.With the scenario in mind I was just speaking my mind out.May be I should have left it open for those who read to decide what I was talking about.
    Well,don’t know how bringing a man to the brink of suicide will be a good story..But may be some day.Thanks for the encouragement.


  22. Accidental Fame Junkie:
    Hmmm, so thats 2 new concepts for me.I just looked up meme last night.I have seen that word so many times in your circle of bloggers.I am intrigued.And now stream of conciousness technique.
    I am just glad you threw open the challenge.This was so much fun.Thanks.

    Oh! Alrighty..Will get to it some time..



  23. that ws fantastic…

    I really feel this tag is the toughest of all 😉

    bt will give a try…

    thanks for the tag


  24. Puneet:
    Give it a shot.Its quite fun,I can assure you.


  25. rohit talwar.

    Amazing work!! Big time. You’re one talented blogger!!

    Rock on!


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