So Vikram decided to invite me over for dinner.He plans to endure my company for a second time.Yeays I like the attention…but then he gave me home-work…hmph!

I have to list 6 people I would like to invite over for dinner and give the reasons why.

Here goes my invitation…and why it would totally be my pleasure to meet them over for dinner.

Talent and humility personified.The only man I know who is capable of getting an orgasm on Meethi lassi.

She is a girl,she is a woman.She makes me smile,some times shed a tear.She reaches out to so many..and yet she makes me feel so dear.

She defines the woman of substance.She is proud to be a woman,and carries all the baggage that comes with it,with utmost grace.

English August
It would be an honour to meet this person.A: has a way with words, emotions that one is tempted to think he is a she…is so impartial to life that one wonders whether he is indeed a he.

He has a smile to die for.He exudes warmth and affection with his words, photographs and by just being him.At his tender age, he seems to have the wisdom of the world and yet his innocence isn’t lost.I think he would make fun company at any setting.

A juggler of words and a jester at heart.One glance at him and you know there is a lot more to that happy painted face.I would love to share a drink,after dinner with him.He has redefined the art of drinking.

Oh and since its a table for 6 people only,Yogi..we will just have to meet another time.I haven’t met some one who loves cricket the way you do.I am amazed how you detach yourself from the dirty politics and enjoy cricket for the game that it is.

Heee haaaa (Al Pacino style in Scent of a woman)…now I get to pass on the tag…So here you go…


Have fun!!!



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20 responses to “Invitations..

  1. thank you…. thank you for taking the tag…:P

    have fun…


  2. Vikram:
    You command, we don’t deliver..Aisa kaise ho sakta hai??.:p


  3. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

    you tagged meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    thanks for those kind words!

    He has a smile to die for
    -noone has ever told me that!

    yet his innocence isn’t lost
    -but my girlfriend won’t agree i am sure!! Thank God atleast you know me 😉

    chalo take care
    and thanks
    i’ll do it soon…


  4. aSh

    hey malika ….

    okai time to make an invitation …i will.

    hey i love u and lots of hugs for the nice things u said …

    cya and take care …..


  5. I’ll wait for the invitation next time ’round.

    By the way I need to invite you over to Sachin’s(tendulkar’s restraunt) for a dinner.

    Lastly, yogi is out and Sher-e-jalandhar is in.


  6. *takes a bow*

    *wipes stupid grin off the face and begins to comment*

    How nice! I feel honoured to be on the list 😀
    So, where are we meeting? 😉


  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooh!!!! I’m surprised and touch and kicked and honoured to be invited to dinner! 🙂 Pliss to be noting I haven’t said I’m flattered! 🙂 LOL!!! Cheers!


  8. this dinner tag is in full swing I guesss….

    great stuff…
    liked the reasoning :-))



  9. Rohit:
    -noone has ever told me that!

    Really? You have an awesome smile on your profile pic.And the one with all your friends on New Year’ the sweetest..
    LOL..It could be a deceptive photo..:p

    Totally, girl anytime..big warm hug to you too.


  10. Sher-e-Janlandhar:
    Yes sir..I will remember and also change Yogi to S-E-J.
    And as for Tendulkar’s..It will totally be my pleasure to take the greatest cricket fan out for dinner.The treat is on me.
    I’ve been there only once..and I know you will love it.


  11. Casablanca:
    Where would you fancy?..I suspect a group as dynamic and vibrant as such deserves a fantastic venue.

    Hehehe..Pliss to be noting..its all my pleasure..:D


  12. Puneet:
    Thanks..and we will probably meet in Bombay..Sorry can’t be bothered about political correctness here..never got used to Mumbai..


  13. ohhhhhh man…!!! i am touched. seriously…! thats the sweetest thing ever.

    🙂 cant stop smiling…

    so when and where is the dinner…am really hungry…! and i hope u hv meethi lassi as the starter…!



  14. Ankur:
    You are so welcome.Totally my pleasure.And we have to feed the man who is working so hard to carve out his niche!!
    One place I love in London for their lassi is Masala Zone..Oxford street..I mean it out of jokes..If you ever visit this city you must have a meal at that place.Its really good.


  15. lolz…okee…Let me try taxing my brains to see who I wud invite:-)

    Looks like quite a few hugs are floating around..I wudnt mind some of em coming my way:-D


  16. Ginkgo:
    Oh Im glad you have decided to take up the tag..
    And you only get what you give..:p


  17. I never ind givin..such things as these:-D


  18. Rohit:
    If no one has ever told you that before..then *rubbing chin and thinking* am I seeing the photo wrong???

    I think we are begining to believe you..:p


  19. This week Living In Poetry is having a tribute for .:A:. (English-August Blogspot) please visit the blog down below to tell us your thoughts on his writing and poetry


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