Ya thats right?And whats wrong with it?

Years back, 6th grade I think..US led Kuwait-Iraq war was it?I was asked by a mass communication student?What I thought about the war?Did I think it was for the right reasons?

I thought it wasn’t my problem.It was not my war.Well to be honest I don’t think I thought about it.

The mass-com student was almost angered by my ignorance of the situation.She was amused that I didn’t as much as want to think.That I didn’t think it was my problem.That because there was a problem in a far away land I didn’t think it would affect me.

She said, it was not a question of right or wrong?It was a matter of principles.Did I have any?

The only thing that did affect me..was a class mate whose father worked in Kuwait, was visibly disturbed in the assembly.She must have sobbed the whole day.And the only thing I figured was; that morning the family had lost all forms of communication and they were praying for his safe return home.I was selfishly happy that my own father worked in the same city.And I was confident I will see him at home that evening.

All of 13 years,I was upset she judged me.

I am more informed now.I understand better?I keep abreast of latest current affairs.My obsesion with ‘news’ almost freaks me out.I know I am opinionated.No one is asking, but I have formed them anyway.

I don’t know if thats right or wrong?Should I just concentrate on my life, me, my family, my loved ones?Or do I have a social obligation?Do I have a political one?Do I have an obligation to think,understand,feel, realise,voice my opinion,make a difference because I believe I can.

Things bother me.I am angered that a handful few think they can topsy turvy the life of millions who have rested their faith in them.I am amused how thousands cannot see through the dirty games a few powerful of the powerful play.I am awed,how a handful can make or break nations, can make an entire generation believe in something.I am saddened by disaster and even more frustrated by my own handicaps.

My life that is everything to me..and should be, some times seems of minuscle importance.

All of 27, I have learnt to think.I am opinionated.Are you?



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30 responses to “Opinionated…

  1. ME FIRST!
    Opinionated? Uh.. Yes. I’m quite sure. Atleast if I am following something, then I’m.

    //I am saddened by disaster and even more frustrated by my own handicaps.
    …I’M WITH YOU!


  2. Rohit:
    I’ve seen that conviction in you.I have read the post on Jamghat..was it?I was quite impressed,that you thought about some thing that din’t directly affect you,but affected you nonetheless.


  3. I’m new to your blog, and liked your posts. Need to catch up on the older ones yet.

    Talking about ‘being opinionated’, I’m sure am one, and sometimes I wonder why does the world care my opinion. I am sometimes irritated by the fact that though I think differently I can’t react in any way other than discuss it with a friend.

    It hurts that we can’t do anything to stop the atrocities.


  4. It’s sad there aren’t more people voicing their opininons….. you may shy away from a problem coz it doesn’t affect you directly, but remember – next time it could be you. After all, it was the apathy of the so-called western superpowers that lead to world war two.


  5. Akshay:
    Welcome to my blog.Thanks..:)
    To think,and reason I believe is one step closer to doing some thing,than not being involved at all.

    My sentiments exactly girl.When the time so needs I am sure people will stand up to their belief..Worry not grieve not..


  6. Opinionated? Great! I just hope it isn’t because of that incident so long ago. You were too young to be judged or even asked informed questions without first being provided with information.

    I’m just recovering from a few days of melancholia. The primary means of my revitalization turned out to be my looking beyond myself. I’m not saying that introspection isn’t important—I mediate daily—but it can become narcissistic if not balanced with investigating the world outside.

    So I believe you—and me and everyone—do have an obligation to think, understand, feel, realize, voice our opinion, and therefore make a difference!


  7. You said it very well. Yes, I “was” opinionated on everything…on issues ranging from cricket to politics to history, religion , technology and whatever. I figured out luckily that I was making more enemies than friennds.
    I guess I’ve “grown” up the last few years, though i still have an opinion, I keep it to myself. I know that the others to have theirs. good post. enjoyed it.


  8. We can’t really relate to something unless we have experienced a similar thing in our life. I guess what you said was right but it seemed to portray your ‘un-compassionate’ (i don’t know if that word exists) side. But being well-informed about the world is a good thing. I’m hooked on to Google News.


  9. Edu… i have my opinions and some are quite strong. But none are rigid and unshakeable–they may change in the face of truth. Holding on to one’s opinion irrespective of everything–going against the advise of our common sense and intuition and sticking to our ‘sacred’ opinions—this puts me off and i consider it as a sign of immaturity.

    Good post. Good flow of thoughts. Enjoyed a few of your earlier ones although i left no comments there.


  10. Wishfulthinker:
    Good to know…:)

    Sometimes Saintly Nick:
    My interest out side of me developed when I went to medical school.It was much later than that incident.
    I like your take on being balanced.

    I guess its about being, opinionated and being obstinate.And where one is healthy the other can be quite destructive.Yeah me too,I have my say on everything,just that only I am listening.

    Are you saying that you cannot fathom the destruction and loss people felt during Tsunami,Pakistan quake,Bombay rains.Do you need to be there to feel the suffering?

    I agree..Like I told Chez, there is a thin line separating the opinionated and the obstinate.This post isn’t about being right or wrong.Its about thinking beyond the self.


  11. I am opinionated.
    My yawn may not be polite but atleast its an honest opinion.

    By the way u r post didn’t make me yawn;>

    And S-e-J is YOGI; that same one which is on your camaraderie list.


  12. sher-e-janadhar:
    Oye balle balle..whatever happened??!!
    Well we know you are opinionated.Read your previous post.
    Why all other posts of mine make you yawn?


  13. aSh

    a LOUD yes ….
    i am



  14. No I didn’t mean that. All I meant to say was we can go all out to express our sympathy and help victims of a natural disaster without even thinking twice about it. But war is not a natural calamity. It’s an induced/enforced phenomenon. In such circumsatances, we do not know which side is right and which is wrong. All we can do is express sympathy toward people losing lives. Right? Made any sense?


  15. yup,… that was Jamghat.. and i’m so glad you understood!! lot od people dont…!!

    take care!!!


  16. Yes I am , but at times due to lack of knowledge about the issue it gets difficult as to what opinion to form 🙂 But i still do anyway till some one gives me some gyaan 🙂


  17. Ash:
    Hiya..Yeays..we should for a club!

    Yes actually a lot..:)

    I am so glad I did too…:)

    LOL is that what you MBA guys do..


  18. //Why all other posts of mine make you yawn?

    Thats an example of a wrong opinion!


  19. Sher-e-Jalandhar:
    Interpretation you mean?…:p


  20. Ha Ha, that was a cool one.


  21. Anonymous

    Good blog. You are really opinionated 🙂



  22. u r 27.. u r opinionated…

    okeez.wat else do we know abt u 🙂


  23. I am. Very very opinionated!


  24. Sher-e-Jalandhar:

    :D..thanks for visiting my blog..You have made my day.

    Ya what else do you know?..:p

    That why we like you very very much…:)


  25. Wow, thats a very interesting post..

    Wen we are kids or during our teens we often tend to ignore things which dont effect us or our loved ones…

    our world revolves around very few things…

    bt as we grow up we realise the significance of being informed…

    Yes we have to…
    coz we dont live in isolation 🙂

    Nice Post
    and thanks for dropping by my Blog

    Take care


  26. JR

    The person who asked you that question back when you were in the sixth grade had to be extremely stupid for expecting a highly intelligent answer from a 6th grader!!! What did they expect? A studied opinion?

    Strangely, I think I was more vocal about my opinions maybe 2 or 3 years back. Now even if I do, if it doesn’t really concern me I manage to keep my mouth shut, no mean task I tell you!


  27. Puneet:
    I agree,I do belive its a part of growing up to be informed.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thats what I thought.But when I look back, I am glad she got me thinking.I would hate to live an ignorant life.
    Hmm, I still voice my opinions more than asked for, but I have learnt that they are just opinions and hence I should be open to listening to other’s too.


  28. And why won’t you update? busy?


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