Mirror… my friend.

There is a mirror that adorns my wall.
It is my treasure, it is my trophy.

It was me who picked you,from the many.
Or was it you?
I am happy to believe, we chose each other mutually.

I have seen my reflection in you a thousand times.
Some times good, some times bad.
Each time a new story told.

There is a thin line that separates us,
A distance we both covet.

The reflections have changed over the years.
Some times I fail to recognise what I see.
Is it you or is it me?

Whatever the weather,what ever the change.
You have stood strong.
You have stood by me.

I have begun to feel that time is taking its toll.
Are those cracks upto the core?
New sentiments waiting to unfold?

I am going to give you time.
I am going to give you space.
For recovery.

Because I like you..my friend.

The mirror that adorns my wall.
My treasure, my trophy.



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18 responses to “Mirror… my friend.

  1. ah I c…and I thought….damsels normally reserve just one question for the mirror..

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    who is the beautiful of em all 🙂

    Nice one…but looks a bit prosaic…:-)


  2. Good composition.

    Mirror is actually an interesting thing.

    Sometimes I want to kiss it,
    Sometimes I want to box it,
    Sometimes it scares the hell out of me and that too in the Godly early morning hour
    But one irritating fact about it is that when I want it to say ‘yo, u r the bond’, it invariably say ‘dumbo’ and when I go to confirm yes am a looser it say ‘no ways, look at your boss’.


  3. It was me who picked you,from the many.
    Or was it you?

    Oooo… we likey! Selecting something is deceiving, aint it? Now that’s given me an idea for a post 🙂


  4. Ginkgo:
    Ah well thats probably cos there ain’t no damsel here.
    ^prosaic:..will accept the less harsher of the 2 meanings I come up with.Thanks.Will work on it.
    Thanks about the Blue Man Group too.Will definitely check them out.

    Heheheheh!Nah, I doubt mirrors lie.

    Yes its tricky, especially amongst friends..I wrote this because a long friendship is at its tanter hooks..I cannot remember the inception of our friendship,it was that long ago…but I know its precious
    Oooh, I like the idea that I have sparked creativity.Will look forward to reading your post.


  5. nad I thought I better check out what that means..:-)Consisting or
    (1)characteristic of prose.
    Matter-of-fact; straightforward.
    thts more closer to what I meant than the other..:-)

    and wat dya mean ther aint no damsel here…!?! u have me all confused now…:~|


  6. publish this..better still..sell me the copyrights to it…i’ll make a song of it…:D..


  7. Ginkgo:
    Ok so the source from where you got your meaning of prosaic, has a second meaning to it…lacking imagination and spirit and dull…:(..
    And when you say damsel..a picture of damsel in distress flashes in front of me..I am no damsel.I’ll accept a young lady though.

    Ok now I get what kind of lyrics you wrote for your band..Hmm funny..:D



    vikram, i am with you! remember our love for pink floyd? bhuliyo mat!

    EU… awesome. great stuff! people r so talented shalented! look at me 😦


  9. Rohit:
    Ya look at you, you can make a single photo of a Delhi sky tell a thousand stories…


  10. damsels need not be in distress all the time..:-)
    thts just a common usage..

    just referring to a young woman / maiden…

    Again here, u can refer to ‘bowled over by a maiden’ which is totally upto u :-)……..to assume that is..


  11. Ginkgo:
    LOL..ok baba.Got your point.I was only clarifying mine.


  12. glad u did 🙂


  13. Ginkgo:
    Actually the only maidens and bowling overs I know are in cricket..But I’ll leave that for now.:D


  14. gosh…wat has this world come to..

    u talking like I shd and me talking like u shd 🙂


  15. Ginkgo:
    Now that I believe I have created enough exasperation here..:p…
    Me damsel, my text prosaic and you completely bowled over by a maiden….:D


  16. ooooooooooooooooooh!!!! I to be liking very the muchly!!! Pliss to be comign up with the more! 🙂


  17. *blushing*


    liar liar liar!


  18. Wishfulthinker:

    Nahi sacchi..promise..


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