Charming encounter..

I stepped into the train.My eyes fell upon him.Will this be my lucky day?Will he talk to me?I must have caught his attention.Because he smiled.I noticed his eyes were a beautiful hue of emerald to green with changing shades of brown when the sun’s rays hit his eyes.I was caught off gaurd when he said,Hi.I responded with a hello.Going home,he enquired?Yes, and you I asked?Going to my mother’s.Thats a nice way to start the year.Yes!He smiled again.How I could melt just there.His golden locks fell over his face so angelic.Are all these your bags,he asks?No just this one,I say?The black one?I like your bag,he tells me.I like yours,I say pointing to the purple bag that he was sporting.Thats my mother’s.I am looking after her bags for her.I smile..Are you hungry?Would you like a cookie?No thanks I say,I have had my breakfast.I have a chocolate muffin?Would you like that.I refuse politely.What about a drink he enquires?I just smile.I have orange juice.I like orange juice he proclaims.Do you he asks?Yes I like it too.But I am fine thank-you…The train approaches a station.Do you have to go?Yes thats my station.I hope we meet again..I hope so too.

I stepped out, smiling,feeling nice.

Barely 2 feet off the ground and all of 2 years and 4 months.What a charmer I think.



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15 responses to “Charming encounter..

  1. very, very cute! must have been a really delightful charmer.


  2. Do not accept cookies from strangers
    -My Mom


  3. A take on Thanu’s comment:

    Do not accept orange juice from strangers..hehe..:D


  4. Damn!!! And here I was, getting curiouser and curiouser!!! LOL! Nice one! 🙂


  5. Oh no! And I thought this would be one example I’d use for ages, that real people *do* bump into good looking blokes on trains, and that’s not just on TV and movies.

    Damn :p


  6. Lazy Leo:
    He was indeed.The train ride lasted 25 minutes.The little boy was very sharp, and very focused.I was quite impressed.


    I was a good girl,I didn’t.

    I was a good girl,I didn’t.


    Trust me I am waiting for the day too.Everytime I am on Victoria station London, I am hoping for a ShahRukh Khan moment(DDLJ).And I hope I don’t have to resign to the fact that it only happens on TV…:(


  7. aSh

    hey da………
    that really got me thinking ….
    beatiful child should be ….those eyes and the face …..

    and repeating thanu’s and vikram’s order …donot take anything from strangers however charming they are

    take care and good night


  8. dont ever take anything to eat or drink from a stranger… ok?

    i keep having these encounters and just then she smses!


  9. Ash:
    He was a cute little boy.I think he had the whole compartment amused.

    Awwe, you lucky you…:)


  10. **SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS** means fantastic right!!!

    ***I noticed his eyes were a beautiful hue of emerald to green with changing shades of brown when the sun’s rays hit his eyes***.

    ur expressions in words rocks!!!!


  11. Rohit:
    Did I just misunderstand you?I thought you have several encounters with charming people.
    Didn’t get the part of who smses?



  12. she bole to.. my girlfriend! 😀


  13. So I was totally right in intrepretting..You lucky guy, having charming encounters and getting texted by your GF..


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