Phew its done with!










Yeays Happy new year……

Nah thats not me being delerious.It was me and at least a gazzillion other people.At Embankment.Along the river Thames, by the London eye. Happy,screaming, delerious, time struck..We have emabraked onto 2006..

The fire works display was spectacular.The adulation for the 2012 Olympic bid team, much needed.The gun fire shots to commemorate the lost, won, the heroes..thundering..The crowds almost intimidating…But each one shared only one sentiment..Its a new begining..

The Big Ben chimes, took me back to last year’s eve..which I remember so distinctly..But the rest of the year has become such a blur…

It was only yesterday, that I had volutered to do an oncall on 31..because I had no plans..
I was happy writing sherry prescriptions to all the over 65 admitted in the hospital that night.So that they could raise a toast when the clock struck 12.Yes,a drink wouldn’t hurt anyone.And yes one can prescribe sherry, red wine or brandy in hospital.Apparently they all have therapeutic benefits.I did wonder if I could prescribe myself any??

Its always difficult to plan and then execute plans when your group consists of very different people:

1.The very organised:
Knows the temperature in central London at every second that we intend to spend there.Even knows about wind chill factor, wind speeds.Reminds everyone about phones getting jammed due to the overload.Contemplates the possibility of underground railway strikes.Has contingency plans for every move we intend to make etc etc..

2.The not at all organised:
Will go any where there is food,drink and music..

3.The undecisive:
Will do what every one else will do..

4.The Stubborn:
Know what they wanna do, and will walk 21 miles if they had to..

And few others of varying degrees of the above mentioned categories.But we made it and I am glad.

London underground was planning to totally ruin plans for millions of people by going on strike.But only 25% did and the others held the fort.I guess that 25% really needed to be with their family.I totally forgive them.

So planning, celebrating, food drink, gift exchanges, phone calls, sms, emails all done with.The whole hype that had been created for the last 3 months, all over and now its back to business as usual.

And its has just struck me..Its already the third day into the month..

Time is flying past mate..buckle up your seatbelts..because this ain’t going to be a slow ride!!



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10 responses to “Phew its done with!

  1. Happy happy new year!!! Damn I didn’t know doctors could prescribe sherry, red wine and brandy!!! Hmmm…interesting!!! And yes, you should go prescribe yourself some! STAT! 🙂


  2. Wishfulthinker:
    Yes you can in hospitals in England.That was last year..this year I didn’t need the prescriptions.I managed a drink over the counter.
    Happy happy new year to you too.:)


  3. Hey Happy new year !!! wonder if u r watching the man u and arsenal match at hibury right now ??

    – ashish


  4. Ashish:
    Thanks.Happy New Year to you too!Nah,not in Highbury..More over I am a Chelsea supporter.


  5. hoping for an awesome year ahead of you…with healthy precriptions and accurate diagnosis…!

    or whatever that meant…

    happy new year Ms Garg…



  6. Hey, I’m down with severe cough and cold. I need a prescription. *points towards sherry and wine*..:D


  7. I want sherry too! 😀

    Loved reading this post… and can totally relate to the part about different types of people going out together. So horribly difficult to please everyone!

    Happy New Year!


  8. Ankur:
    Thanks,appreciate the reiteration.Will stick to doing medicine like you pointed in your post.
    I know how important the next few months are for you, good luck and may all your dreams come true.

    You na..???!!!!..:)

    Its so nice to see you on my blog.I think I totally share wishfulthinker’s sentiments on that.
    Oh yeah, it is tough with such strong headed people in your group…but in the end I got what I wanted..a nice pleasant smile can work wonders…:D


  9. Hey!!!

    It has struck me too!!!

    fireworks.. wish they did all that here too 😦

    anyways.. have a great year ahead! =)

    keep the posts rolling.. i enjoy them!!


  10. Rohit:
    Yeah I have never seen firework display on such a large scale and so professionally done,except on TV.It was amazing.–>


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