You came into my life..
Like the first rays of the sun, the first hint of spring..
You were a new page,a new chapter,a new book.

You brought into my life..
A new attitude,a new joy,a new perspective
A new world…like I had never seen before.

I saw you, heard you..
Felt the essence called you.

I couldn’t touch you
I couldn’t tell if it was really you,when I reached out to you.

I embraced what you sent my way
Made you mine, because the feeling was so strong.

Until the day you walked away..
Did you really have to?

I still see you, feel you..
Only to realise I don’t belong to you.
I want to reach out to you, only this time I know, you don’t want me to.

I have held onto my feelings for so long..
But now I think I have the courage to accept.

I have the courage to let go, and say adieu.



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22 responses to “Adieu..

  1. Ooooooooooh!!!! Nice post, nice post!!!!
    Ooooooooooh!!!! Me first, me first!!!
    That was kick-ass! It is always a relief to finally say goodbye methinks! I’m still trying to work up the courage to do that!!! 🙂


  2. Wishfulthinker:
    I didn’t want to.But I am ready to make a new start,leave the past behind.If I ever get the chance to change things, at least it will be a fresh start.


  3. Oye..who was that?
    Just give me the naam, patta etc if he is in India…I ‘ll do the rest. How dare he made my friend sad.

    Anyways, wishing you and all your blog scrollers a beautiful new year ahead.


  4. WOW!
    It’s always really tough to say matter what the situation.

    It’s a New year and a new start for you..wish you the best with both!
    Happy new year!


  5. Those lines, awesome!

    Until the day you walked away..
    Did you really have to?


    Wish you a rocking 2006. Enjy yourself!


  6. Yogi, Japna,Rohit:
    Wish you guys a very happy, productive fun filled awesome year ahead.

    LOL..I can only imagine what bharta you are ready to make…
    Not worth it.I am not sad,only a bit wiser.

    I agree,its about letting go some thing you have grown so comfortable with.But for everything you leave behing there is some thing new awaiting.

    See you around!


  7. Good lines. Reminded me of someone. 🙂

    Have a great one 🙂


  8. Vikram:
    You have a good one too.See ya around.Cheers!


  9. I thought the poem was abt the year 2005. Just read the comments and realized it was a person.

    Have a great 2006


  10. breathtaking..! beautifully put…one can actually feel the pain…and the shake of hands when writing it…!

    its ironic how on one hand we want to go through pain to be able to treasure happines…and on the other hand we question…why me…?

    wish the pain wasnt there…

    have an awesome year M…



  11. Saying “adieu” does take courage—and more.


  12. Beautiful! Beautiful!


  13. edu…. Nice lines. Hope the sadness doesn’t pin you down but only inspires you to grow beyond it.
    Have a great year. Enjoy!


  14. aSh

    hey Malika my dear EU…..


    what was it all about this time ….Hope u had a wonderful time


  15. Jay

    Wish U a great 2k6 ahead! 🙂


  16. Thanu:
    I am so glad at least one person fell for it.The lines are person inflicted..oops inspired ..I was hoping I wouldn’t sound too sappy, and it could get away with farewell to 2005.You have so made my day.Thanks and you have a great year ahead too.

    A little bit of pain is a good thing I think.It keeps things in perspective.
    I can’t figure what is the joy in hanging onto painful memories for a long time though..


  17. Sometimes Saintly Nick:
    Well…I think it takes a bit of you as well..but yeah..I also believe that the new and unknown should be given a chance as well.


    Thanks for your wishes.Nah, would take a lot to pin me down.

    Hey thanks..thats do you come up with these things?!

    Thanks, wish you the same.


  18. Not sure what you are referring to..

    Atleast, I’m sure you will treasure the next one much more..watever ‘that’ is 🙂

    Have fun..and a ‘new year’ that better than the prev one..:-)


  19. Ginkgo:
    I am actually glad you are not completely convinced I am sobbing over the opposite sex.That was the hope and only some have seen that through.Thanks for your wishes.I hope you have an awesome year ahead.See ya around.


  20. Anonymous

    Very touching…Found the reflection of my feelings in your lines.. Seems belittling your feelings to just call them lines!… It is never easy to let go and get ready for the “new”. Never! Ironically, Time and the changes that time brings along seem the only remedy (though hard)
    However, on a positive note, they say- “Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up”..:)

    Good Luck!


  21. -U
    I am sorry to know that you can see a reflection of your own feelings.I know it must be painful.
    I don’t believe in the word,Never. I do believe no matter how bad, painful,how involved, how closed down one feels,there is always a window of hope.Reach out to it,and things will look up.Good luck to you too.



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