I like you my friend!

When I started to maintain a a blog, I was intrigued by the idea that this was my personal space albeit for the world to see.I can be me and my space would not have a problem with that.

I can write about my day, about me.I can play a song.I can be happy, sad, right or wrong.No one to judge me, no one to know me.No one to tell me what to do, what not to. It would be ok to be honest, no matter how bitter.It would be ok to make a big deal out of little things,because I want to. I have surprised myself at my own reactions to things.Even more surprised when I actually decided to put my emotions down in words.Its all in my head, but so many times it does not come out the way I want it to in black and white.

Yet, I have come to like my little haven of thoughts,ideas,or just random words.

And then you came along. I don’t know you.But I know you are around.You create a picture of you on your own space.And I percieve you by what is in it.

You read what I have to say while others have just passed by.Some times you agree with me, some times you don’t. Some times you find me funny, sometimes gross. You either wonder why you are at my blog, or wonder why not? Some time you don’t ever want to come back, but some thing makes you. Some times you feel one with me,identify with what I am saying.You nod your head with approval.Some times you are just plain disgusted.But you feel the freedom to voice your own opinion.You feel you can share your thoughts with me.You know it will be alright to be honest,opinionated. And then you come back to see what I had to say about it.

In all this, some where an idea is churned, a thought is provoked.You form an opinion and begin to expect a certain some thing from me.I do the same.

Then one day, I say or do some thing that wasn’t along that frame shift we made for each other.You are taken by surprise.May be even disgusted, but you ponder.You put yourself in my shoes and try and see things from my eyes.

You give me the space that I created for me, you respect the fact that this is my niche.You discover some thing in you,which you didn’t know before.

While you discover yourself, I rediscover me.

For all these reasons,I like you my friend!

(This friend is no one in particular.My friend remains nameless and faceless.)



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12 responses to “I like you my friend!

  1. Amazing train of thought. I was going to pen down something similar to this but you beat me to it.



  2. Thanks Vikram,
    But whats stopping you to write(type) down your own thoughts.The blogosphere is so huge,that some where some body has beat us to it.

    Unless you adopt a copy paste stance,I think you should be allowed to write what you feel like.It is your blog after all!!


  3. amazing lines. i loved this post big time!


  4. ‘You discover some thing in you,which you didn’t know before.While you discover yourself, I rediscover me.’

    Were you watching Discovery channel as you wrote this post.
    Anyways,very good post.


  5. Indeed a lovely post…I read between the lines again and again and carry lots of meanin behind it.

    What a lovely thought towards the unknown faces. I really doubt somebody behind it to express your affection !


  6. Good post edu,
    It was more of an intimate conversation between close friends. Well written. πŸ˜‰


  7. Yogi:
    My friend is back!Nice to see ya.
    LOL..no TV for this poor soul.

    Thanks a ton..:)I am happy you could identify with what I think of co-bloggers.



  8. aSh

    hey EU …..

    that was a gr8 way to show that all of us are friends nameless, faceless yet still genuinely interested in each other …near yet far ….familiar yet unknown….
    thanks a ton ……

    beautifully scripted EU ….



  9. Ash:
    Hieeeeeeeeeee!Nice to see you again.
    near yet far..familiar yet unknown..so well said!


  10. heya…

    That was beautifully written.
    It’s just so amasing don’t you think, how we create this space for us, not really knowing what we are to do with it, and for someone else, whom we don’t really know, this is our identity.

    It’s always so much easier to talk to the unknown, to express your fears, your happiness, your guilt, and your weaknesses, to the person, behind the window. anyways, gettin too long i guess…but very truly expressed.


  11. Hey Japna,
    I agree, when I started writing I didn’t know how this will shape up and who will come read what I had to say.
    Its a fun journey that I am completely enjoying.
    I have also noticed this unsaid,unwritten code of camarederie, that is awesome to observe.


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