To be right or just always happy?

There was a phase in life when I loved asking people that question.There was no correct answer according to me.It was my trick question.

So no matter what reply I got I always argued it out.It used to make me happy that I had the last word and I was right.Ha! I was indeed having it both ways.

Now I find myself asking me that same very question.Everything I do,I want to know..will I be right doing it..or should I just do it because it makes me happy.Does always doing the right thing make one happy?Or to always be happy is the right thing to do?

What do you think?



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3 responses to “To be right or just always happy?

  1. aSh

    hey Hi there ………

    interesting ……
    right thing or be happy …..

    i guess, everything right will not make one happy as to do the right thing means …narrow paths and narrow paths means difficult decisions….which may or maynot be what we like to do always ….

    but there is a satisfaction to do the right thing ….

    one can always be happy if one is selfish …..but doing the right thing and then being happy is a pleasure indeed ….

    tricky question dude ….
    regards…will be around


  2. My fav movie is Godfather. Al Pacino aka Micheal Corleone symbolized this question for me. I remmember asking the same question to my guru( My ma btw) last time she visited me. She gave me an answer which I hesitatingly say somewhat calmed me. She said any thing you do, remain true to your inner voice, that way you achieve both.

    I dont know if the theory works.


  3. # Ash
    Sometimes doing the right thing can also bring harm, or pain.I’ll go with do what one thinks is right, what one’s conscience allows one to do and then leave the rest to follow.

    I totally agree with your mum.Why hesitantly Yogi..mums are generally right in what they say..Some Gyan Guru’s there are.Oh,but Godfather..can beat that some times..:p


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