The kind of friends one needs!

Its always amazed me when people tell me that I have too many friends.I have a huge circle! And for a long time I have debated..who really are my friends?I have tried to compartmentalise the very many people in my life as friends, acquaintances,buddies, or just dudes in my life. But why the comparison? why the distinction? they have all touched my life in some way.. all of them have their own place in my life.Each one has taught me something, made me a better nicer person.Each one of them means some thing to me.
So I’ve compiled a list of the kind of friends I have, and I think everyone needs!

The best friend kind:
The kind whose existence is essential for yours..the kind you cannot dream of having a life without,that person who knows you best.Has seen you in your best,your worst.The one who understands what you are saying..even when you are not quite sure yourself..One who feels your pain, one who is happy for you when you achieve some thing,happier than you are for yourself,because they feel a victory within themselves.

The kind you can biatch with:
You can’t tell them everything,but when you want a quick offload your know these are your thank-god-someone-understands-me friends

The kind who brings out the best shopper in you:
Some people just have that knack.They know your taste better than you know yours,they know where to find it,they know how much you are ready to pay for it..and they know how to get the right bargain.(I love this kind!)

The say Hi to everyday:
But never have had a meaningful conversation.The only word you have probably heard them say in the last 2 months is Waaaasssuuuupp!…but thats good enough to brighten up your day.

The kind you miss:
You have lost touch with, haven’t spoken in a long time.You don’t even know if they still want to hear from you..thats how long it has been…but thinking of them makes you smile and you hope that one shall cross paths.

The kind you have a huge crush on:
They know it,you know it and you can’t help misbehave.But they love you still the same.

The kind you thought you can do without:
As they hurt your feelings and walked away.But when they did you know they were hurting as well.

The kind, who recognise you by your..”Hello”
Even if it was said on the phone a 5/10 years later.

The kind that motivates you:
To go to the gym, because you so need to, take up that class you always wanted to join,learn that language you so dream of speaking.

The kind that you think was the best thing that happened to you:
And before you know it,they have taken a little of the best part of you and gone.(These teach you a good deal about life)

The kind that meets you for coffee:
Every six months.

The kind that you have never met:
Except through letters, email,phone and sms.

I will keep adding onto my list..meanwhile why don’t you make yours!



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14 responses to “The kind of friends one needs!

  1. That was nice. So guess I will be of the last variety.

    Like the way you end your posts. In italics and a message. Your trademark??


  2. Hi there,
    This post made for an interesting reading. It made me ponder and classify my friends into the various categories.
    Read your other posts as well–and loved the bit about the boy who threw back starfishes into the sea.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Anonymous

    Just checking!


  4. #Yogi:
    Thanks..and thanks again..I didn’t realise I’ll have a friend in you already.

    Oh I didn’t think of the trademark thing.LOL may be I should be more careful how I end my posts and then I will have a trademark.



  5. Since the world is a cruel place, you can’t have good friends all the time. Here’s my addition to the list.

    The kind who betray you. 🙂


  6. Vikram:
    Would they really be your friends if they betrayed you?I have had some people walk away from me..Just gone into thin air.I have often looked back to see where I went wrong.But when nothing comes up..I just hope they had a darn good reason to leave me!


  7. This post has been removed by the author.


  8. they didn’t have a darn good reason to leave me. 😉


  9. Hey Vikram..
    😦 ..they are not worth it mate!!But that sure as hell hurts.


  10. friendship

    realy the friend are the part of our body we can not leave them or forget them any how we must




  13. Lovely lovely post! I am going to share it now, if I may?!


  14. Shankari: Of course you may!


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