Happy Birthday Ma!

It is my mum’s birthday today.She turned 50. Definite milestone!
I called few minutes earlier than 12’o clock midnight!..I knew she would be waiting for my call, or atleast I hoped so….She answered.As excited as ever..Gosh these girls I thought…and I started to sing Happy Birthday..She heard me alright..cleared her throat and said,”Yeah and I still have 17 minutes to go for me to actually turn 50,but thanks”..OOh ATTITUDE too..
Well thats my mum for you…
So I am not the first one to wish her.My brother’s wife and daughter had already wished her, so have all her friends that matter..her older sister,her favourite niece, and also colleagues at work.WHAT?? “Isn’t your birthday like whole of tomorrow”Why don’t people just wait for the actual day?”..She said she figures they want me to have my day to myself.
Ok so what is she going to do on her day?She has a full day at university to work,going to attend her classes, (thats her nth course of the year..I cannot even keep up anymore),going to attend 2 wedding receptions and will be playing host to some rishtedaar ka rishtedaar ka sambandhi.All in a day?????
Hmm busy day I teased her.I asked her what she wants for her birthday, so she has asked dad for a laptop..she isn’t going to get it. Has asked my brother to lose weight..isn’t going to get it and me..she was hoping I’ll get her a son-in-law!Ha…she isn’t going to get it.
Exasperated I asked her anything that I can afford and that actually comes in a box???She just laughs…
Well Im not going to go on a roll of how mum is the best..all our mums are..they are mum.They are speacial, sweet, and awesome..and frankly I don’t know what it would have been to have grown up without her.
Since I know she might never read my blog..I can also confess,that I am what I am because of her.Telling any thing nice out of realisation,makes her laugh.She wants to hang my statements on the wall, as proof that I said some thing nice, but when she senses the genuinety..she smiles and says,”you will too for your children,every parent does!”..I don’t know if I will even know how to be to my children what my mother has been to me…
She has been the epitome of strength, hardwork, patience,tolerance, love, affection, generosity,kindness in my family.She is my motivation!
At 50, she is a very coveted wife,by a very content and happy man, a fantastic mother, a Reader in Mumbai University, with a Phd to her credit and has students under her who are working at thiers.She has several papers, courses and u-name-it-u-got-it to her credit..with a social life I cannot keep up with.
And yet she hasn’t lost the child in her.She is as vibrant as ever.And so easy to please.Its an absolute pleasure to do anything for her.My friends talk to her more often then they are able to catch up with me..so many times..she is my bridge to the life I have left behind.
She has been a mother(strict,stern put me in my place sort) when I needed one, been my friend when I couldn’t turn to another,been my confidant when I could trust no one else.
And in being there for me all this way..she has grown with me..she has changed roles, and been exactlty what I needed when I needed just the way I needed it.
I know I will never tell her in so many words..But mum here is the writing on the wall and your proof….
I wouldn’t be half the person that I am today, had it not been for you. Thanks ma!


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