Call Centres..

HSBC..this is Anthony speaking how may I help, Dell customer service Shania speaking how can I help, Travel helpline Raju speaking, what journey would you like to make…
It totally cracks me up…especially the travel line centres that have a Indian telling me whats the best possible route to take at that particular time on some local English rail or bus route..The marvel of technology or wonders of out sourcing??.So thousands of miles away some young kid or whoever from my country is really running the show, for so many companies.
Its in the news almost every month, hmm not surprising Indians evoke a lot of comtempt in this part of the world.Thousands of jobs are lost here only because,India provides cheap labour.The locals blame the policy makers, economists,politics.But its a lost battle.Statistics prove that India provides the largest educated English speaking and computer literate population.The agencies also repsond to increasing work load faster, better and with more gusto.In all the entire credit goes to my fellow Indians..and there is a lot to be done if one wishes to beat that competetion.
Our biggest strentgh is the human resource!A world political leader once said to the tune of, If all Indians had to look in the direction of Pakistan and pee, the entire country would be flooded.Hmm I think we could do with a more productive chanelization of our man power.
I have come across a lot of desis complaining about it though.I know the biggest put off is the fake accent.
But I enjoy the fact that when I call..its a familiar voice, name, style of talking.I know..Ive made this toll free call to mera Bharat mahan.After the first few seconds of formality..I generally go,”Hey arent you in India?”..And there’s generally a “Ah! yes..arent you Indian too..I kinda thought so,you dont have a British accent.”..And I go..”But you have a good one!”..blush blush, smile, small laugh and then its small chit chat, good luck and good byes and all my work accomplished..way to go guys…HAIL the call centres!!!



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3 responses to “Call Centres..


    Hey! I know that word. Isn’t it the longest meaningful word? If I’m right, it means ‘feeling ecstatic’…

    nice blog:)



    Hey! I know that word. Isn’t it the longest meaningful word? If I’m right, it means ‘feeling ecstatic’…

    nice blog:)


  3. Heyyy Vikram,
    Thanks so much for dropping by.And thank you.I was introduced to the word when I was little myself.

    The idea springs from the fact that, one of the friends of Marry Poppins has no more words.Hence she goes to buy her friend some words, but the only alphabets available are the ones that spell into
    So it goes that you don’t have to have any meaningful words to start up a conversation or even to have one..what one needs is the idea and the desire to converse.

    I didn’t think it had a meaning, but it sure makes one feel ecstatic and happy and nice.


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