Cricket at last!

I was so happy when England won against the Aussies in the Ashe’s .The victories are not the only reason that the people of England are warming up to cricket..its the good looking blokes I can assure you.
Cricket is some thing I missed when I came to England in Dec’03..Its not only the only sport in which I actually know whats going on I have also been closely associated with in my college days.Hell I even played for my team in the finals..I do think it was the most embarassing moment for Prasannah when he fell a player short and I was the only one he could think of to add onto the team.We won and that day is one of the sweetest memories I have of college.
I took Mark to watch a cricket match at the Lord’s..yes folks The Lord’s..Home of Cricket!I was excited because I was finally going to see the place every cricket fan would like to visit..Just the aura of it..and Mark was excited because he was with this Indian who was excited about cricket and he was hoping will be able to shed some light on the game and help him make sense of it.Ha..Ha..Come to mama I thought.
I gave him an over view of the game, explained the score board and put across some definitions and laid out the meanings of the most likely gestures going to be used by the umpire..All that over the very English lunch at the Alan Club restaurnt.Oh how very posh!!!
So it was finals of the Cockspur club between Green Barnt and Horsham.Horsham batted first.Lost their first wicket at 64 which was a caught out….made a total of 220 and in all that Mark managed to appreciate fours, sixes, clean bold,caught out, leg before wicket, no ball, wide ball, byes, leg byes, spinners, fast bowlers.
He also began to realise that there was a lot of prestiege issue here and everybody appreciated a good ball and a fantastic shot.He too warmed upto cheering every four..six..half centuary..I was just happy that he seemed to enjoy a game that I have grown up watching.That it runs in my blood to support my team no matter where I am..and especially pray if we are playing against my friendly neighbours.
He was most amused by the lunch break and tea breaks that the players got..Who drank tea in between a game..English definitely do Mark..Americans just dont get it do they?
I told him now the real excitement would be to see the players chase that score..But we took our own break.So went around the grounds..the gift shop.I bought him a cricket rules book and myslef some gorgeous postcards..I might send them over to all the cricket die hard fans I know back at home.
The chase was rather slow in the begining..bringing a sort of boredom to the runs no wickets..a lot of hooting and a lot of betting..Ok that was the first time I saw was going on..
3 wickets down, the fielder that we were all picking at in the previous innings came onto the picth and actually surprised us..Surprised a lot of us..Coz he stared to score..he brought down the required run rate from 10.8 to just a few overs i think..I was impressed…and then the match started to turn around..
From 70 odd required in 40 balls the game neared an end at 6 required in 3 balls…and I knew anything could happen at the moment..I also knew Mark was equally tensed…I so wanted to introduce the possibility of match fixing ..but decided to rest my devious Indian mind to rest.
Horsham won the match and I was happy for Mark’s sake that we were sitting in the winning stand…
So now he knows anything can happen in a cricket match.You respect the game that much cos its like can turn around at any point…u could be the best and yet u could lose..its grit and determination and balance thats required to survive the field.
Well that day we did too..


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  2. Wow…have you actually gone through my entire archives..

    Well now I am in can I miss the action..

    but thanks for the link.I have already checked it out btw 🙂


  3. Not really.
    Just spotted the word ‘cricket’ that too ‘at last’!
    Thought I might be of some help.

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