The first time I was introduced to the term BLOGS was when a cousin of mine had had a tiff at office.He was mad and he didnt want to listen to reason.I was trying to put on my good older sister act.But he would have nothing of it.He then asked me to read his blog..’that will explain everything to you’ was the reply I recieved.
Knowing nothing about blogs I consulted my then very good friend and he told me that a blog was a personal space for the world to see/read.I was intrigued by his choice of words.But then he has always been good with them.
I have been musing over the whole idea.Are they really a personal space when its open for the public to see,read then, comment on them.Is that the reason why people reach out to others.Is this a platform for reaching out a message..or just my little haven where I can write what I want to when I want to.
I think I am going to start and see what really motivates to keep me going.And then may be Ill know what a blog is all about.


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